The following items are the products we will be selling with the proceeds going towards Barron's  CCL Surgery.

Please Note: These are just some examples and we will feature various customizations/other options for each reward level! 

For more information on anything, please just shoot us a message or call us! 


p: (570) 765 - 8252


Here's A Leg

For the "Here's A Leg" Reward level:

Donate $3200, enough for one full surgery for one leg, and we will custom build you a farmhouse style (or other style) dining table. Note, normally our dining style tables start at $3200 and the cost rises from there for various styles and customizations. This is quite a deal and you contribute heavily to Barron's surgery. For other dining table pictures, please see our other galleries on the website or shoot us a message! 

Half Leg 

For the "Half Leg" Reward Level: 

Donate $1500, enough for half of one leg's surgery, and we will build you a custom console table, desk, or other table that we agree on. Our custom consoles and custom desks usually start at around $2000. 

Bit of a Leg

For the "Bit of a Leg" Reward Level: 

Donate $750 and we will ship you a handmade standard console table, coffee table, or simple desk. These feature a beautiful wooden top and our custom metal table legs. 

Don't worry, we will give you some options if you go with this reward level, we won't just ship the first thing we see! 

A Leg Up 

For the "A Leg Up" Reward Level:

Donate $500 and you will receive an assortment of TFW small items. This could include a serving tray or cutting board, some coasters, a tablet dock, or other handmade small items!

A Paw and Some

For the "A Paw and Some" Reward Level:

Donate $250 and you will receive one of our very popular serving trays or cutting boards. 

A Paw

For the "A Paw" Reward Level: 

Donate $100 and Louie (pictured at left) will personally write and mail you a poem about the first random object he sees. This will include a Barron Paw print. 

Couple Toes

For the "Couple Toes" Reward Level: 

Donate $50 and Barron will write you a thank you note (with a bit of help from us, he is injured in case you didn't know). This will include a paw print. 

A Toe 

For the "A Toe" Reward Level:

Louie will personally call you to say thank you for your contribution to Barron. (Only if you want to send your number to us, of course!)